Hi there, welcome to my personal blog.

I am currently a Technical Support Engineer at a robotics company, living and working in the Greater Toronto Area. I hold Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and have spent two years living in Germany and Italy (for internship and school, respectively).

My passion for technology grew over the years to a point which I decided to pursue a career in tech. I have been an enthusiastic Linux user for a few years, learning about system administration, automation and networking.

I am a self-taught system administrator and continue to study IT topics at my own time. This site has a dedicated homelab section, documenting the schematics and evolving of my homelab setup.

Beyond profession, I love barbeque, traveling, and listening to podcasts. I am also a father-to-be, thanks to my amazing wife.

You can find me on:

  • Twitter: @ewon_c
  • Email: contact(at)ewonchang.com
  • Or just leave a comment at any of the blog posts

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