Hi there 👋 welcome to my personal blog.

I am currently a DevOps Engineer at a software company, living and working in the Greater Toronto Area. I hold Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and have spent two years living in Germany and Italy (for internship and school, respectively).

My passion for computers grew so much over the years, to a point where I just decided to pursue a tech career. Ever since I became a full-time Linux user a few years back, I have been learning about system administration, automation and networking during work and personal time.

I am a self-taught system administrator and newly titled DevOps Engineer. This site has a dedicated homelab section, documenting the evolvement and schematics of my home network setup.

Beyond profession, I love barbeque, traveling, and listening to podcasts. I am a father, husband, and cat lover.

You can find me on:

  • Twitter: @ewon_c
  • Email: contact(at)ewonchang.com
  • Or just leave a comment at any of the blog posts

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